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Holiday muscle

Winter is just around the corner and that’s the time people start gaining that unwanted weight. You know, the one that looks like you’re carrying a spare tire around your waist.


Instead of having that, I decided to start weight training, so I can steer away from the stress of carrying around that extra luggage. Yes, I do not really like working out, there is too much sweat and hard work that is involved. But, in the end all that hard work will surely pay off. Plus, the confidence of walking around with a fruit of the loom underwear after a good Christmas dinner. I searched around and found some information to get the best out of my work outs.

Time under tension, muscle confusion, and do a set using your bigger groups such as Chest (bench press) or Legs (squat) before working on smaller muscle groups, is a key to maximizing those muscle building hormones.

How to get Muscle Fast: Top 5 Muscle Building Compound Exercises

Bench Press

The bench press is a great compound muscle building exercise that develops the pectoral muscles as well as the triceps and shoulders.

Dead lift

The dead lift is such a great muscle building exercise but you hardly see any guys performing the dead lift regularly. The dead lift will work your lower back and your hamstrings. You will be able to go very heavy on the dead lift, and this is a great exercise for increasing your anabolic hormones.


The squat is another exercise that a lot of guys are afraid to perform regularly. If you want to maximize your muscle building hormones you need to lift really heavy with your legs on a consistent basis. The squat is a great lower body exercise that will help you get muscle fast.

Pull up

Pull-ups are another great compound exercise for building muscle fast. The pull up will help you develop large and powerful biceps with a thick upper back. The weighted pull up is my favorite muscle building exercise for skinny guys because it puts a huge emphasis on your upper body strength.


Just like the weighted pull up, the weighted dip is another advanced variation to this traditional exercise. The dip will help you sculpt and define your chest from a different angle as well as promote triceps strength. Use a weight belt and throw on a 45 lb weight plate for an advanced variation of the dip.

Calories and proteins

Start counting your calories and protein.

First, figure out how many calories you will need to start with on your quest for gaining muscle mass. An easy way to estimate this will be multiplying your total body weight in pounds by 15-17 calories.

So, our 170 pound male would be shooting for a daily calorie intake of 2550 – 2890. Then, if you find you are not gaining any weight at an appreciable rate after a couple of weeks, bump this up by about 10% more.

Of these calories, you should be aiming for at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight (170 grams for our example).

When bulking, aim for at least 100 grams of carbs per day (in addition to ones to support training) to stay out of ketosis (which can make it harder to add muscle)