The Destruction of Atlantis – Michael Tsarion

This is a presentation by Michael Tsarion called “The Destruction Of Atlantis – Was Atlantis A Center Of Advanced Civilization?”.

This guy must do alot of research on this stuff.  The first time I watched this it was neat but after watching it the second time It was a little clearer. At 1 hour 15 minutes into the documentary he says:

‘They tried to leave the planet but couldnt do it because of the Stargate around the Earth. They realized they were trapped… so John Dee contacted the beings known as the Macrobes (pan dimentional beings). He was told that to get the key to get out of the Stargate they needed to do 2 things:

1. The first thing has to be in two parts..and that was How to make matter from energy. But they first had to know how to release energy from matter in order for them to learn how to make matter from energy.

  • Remember when J.Robert Oppenheimer split the atom? that was phase 1 (releasing energy from matter)
  • Phase 2 making matter from energy. Theres Bell Labs and  Cern that have been working on projects like this. Cern made a Large Hadron Collider ($9 billion particle accelerator)

2. The second thing envolves the Element known as Silicon. Remember the Silicon Revolution (silicon chip, transister) Which is why you’ll see ancient symbols on them ( computers.. )


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