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C.S. Lewis Books

Yesterday after watching the Atlantis presentation by Michael Tsarion I got interested in an Author by the name of C.S. Lewis. He was mentioned once in the presentation concerning his writings on the Macrobes (pan dimensional beings). C.S. Lewis says there are other beings above us called the Macrobes. In some of his books he mentions these beings, and because of that I am now very interested in reading his novels.  


 The set I was looking for was Space Trilogy (‘Out of The Silent Planet’, ‘Perelandra’, and ‘That Hideous Strength’) but couldn’t find them. So maby I’m going to have to order those some other time. For now I’m going to read a few of his other material ‘The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe’, ‘Prince Caspian’, ‘The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader’, ‘The Silver Chair’, ‘The Horse and His Boy’, ‘The Magicians Nephew’, and ‘The Last Battle’.  Yep I know its ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ collection. The Space Trilogy could have been better.