Why do we constantly have thoughts about things that doesn’t really concern our everyday lives? Like, news from other countries, from other towns, people that we don’t associate with, other planets, past lives, and theories. Is it that hard for us to just live our lives today, and try to make a better future for us? Sure some things are interesting, but we shouldn’t consume most of our times on those things. People even go to school to be a part of the things that are not going to help their everyday lives. Yes, they do get paid for it, but, what good does it really do for them?

‘Hey, we found a planet 50 billion light years from earth’ Right on, but so what? How are you going to benefit from that finding?

I’m doing the same thing right now. It bugs me that I do this, and everyone that I know. Well, I’m going to go workout and visit the parents. imagesCA8URD9R


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